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August 2006
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June 12, 2006... Red Robin Suit, One Breast or Two!

Red Robin Suit, One Breast or Two!
Red Robin Suit, One Breast or Two!,
originally uploaded by smee32.
check it outtt
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December 27, 2005... Xmas Pics

Check out for xmas pics.

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December 02, 2005... redesign of


i just did a massive redesign of my website. take a look at

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July 19, 2005... Summer Movie Rundown

im bored at work, and so i thought id run down the movies ive seen this summer for no particular reason at all. batman meh. american psyco was better. war of the worlds good. except for the ending whcih was absoulty terrible. but not too schmatzy, and the suspence was really good. charlie and the chocolate factory boooo. i was hopeing it would be good, but not expecting it to be. jonny depp ruined it, as usual. he played the same weirdo as he does in all the other movies. the settings in the bigginging, before the factory were absoulty gorgious, but once they entered the factory, there was no way that it could compare to the orginal. the boatride was a nonevent. the ompa loompas were good, but the songs were not nearly as good. everything in the movie had this consitant atmosphere to it, except jonny depp. im sure it was no accident that he was out of phase with the rest of the world, but it just didnt work in this instance. the highlight so far has absoultly been me you and everyone we know. it was abosoluty wonderfull, best movie ive seen in years

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June 28, 2005... GayDay05


pictures from sunday 6/26, the gay pride parade from our perch high atop christopher st are avalable at enjoy!


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June 19, 2005... EMPLOYED

YESSS..... I am employed!! i will be Cappy Productions' Editing Intern. while not paid, this will get me off my ass, and look amazing on my resume. i got the intevew from a friend of emily's who started out as an intern, and now works full time, so who knows what could happen. Cappy is bud greenspan's production company, they make tv sports films, mostly about the olympics and have won like 7 emmies. rock.

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June 06, 2005... Baumans Pictures

hey, if you stumbled across this site, and your related to me, check out for Baumans pictures.


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May 19, 2005... Graduation

Well, we can all tell im fantastic at keeping this up, but this sunday (5/23) is graduation. yikes. if you know of any jobs in the media industry, send 'um my way. senior week continues...

P.S. no comments cause too much spam.

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February 17, 2005... flickr account

Originally uploaded by smee32.
hey, i just signed up for a flickr account, you can find me at


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August 29, 2004... back at school

back at school. finished with ITS training. classes start tomorow. ready to go home.

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May 21, 2004... Gainfully Employed

In a totaly unexpected turn of events, i am not gainfully employed as the head assistant video specialist at breezemont, a daycamp in armonk, about 25 minutes from home. there is a head video specialist, a real person who returns every year, then i will be his/her head assistant, and there is one junior assitant. the camp is for ages k-8. i will get 2350 for the summer, with a low probability of tips. perhaps i will get a bus route.


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May 15, 2004... ah, unemployment

Looks like I wont be going cross country, I put the kibosh on the trip after I did the math and it was going to cost $500 in gas alone. We will probably go to Montréal, and Toronto instead.

I was up visiting a friend at smith last week. Very nice, I can see why people pick it, it has a very nice atmosphere, totally different than Hamilton. very laid back and accepting. What else can you have when almost everyone there was in the closet at some point. But SOOOO much drama there. Its so incestuous (guess not that different than Hamilton), everyone is sleeping with everyone else.

Still unemployed...

Posted by Sean at 04:50 PM

May 11, 2004... home at last

Im done, and now for the next couple weeks all i have to do is find a job (half hartedly).

oh and for those spelling nazis out there, FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON..

that is all.

Posted by Sean at 04:49 PM

May 05, 2004... almost at the end

well i have only one class left, then just have to finsih my anthro paper, and peace out... that and bob's final crit and a prortfolio review from murhead, but those dont involve any more work. the brains are finaly finished, you can see one on the apron at not so subtle plug. emily called one item, wicked cute. and after seeing another one, someone offered me a commision designing a pamphlet for them. if only it wasnt the last week of the simester. also got a strange message today from the "Student Fellowships Coordinator" asking me to make an appointment to talk about post-hamilton felowships/scholorships abroad. it looks like she sent it to me only, so maybe i got recomended for something...


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April 21, 2004... procrastination

just procrastinating. had the presentation for deviance today, went pretty well. should be working on the brains now. i want to have them all done by monday so we can glue, but i think im going to take a day off. ill order the glass tomorow. oh. and got 88 in the housing lottery. should be interesting.

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April 09, 2004... Cafe Press

Hey. Just set up a cafe press shop for fun. if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave 'um. its avalable at

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April 07, 2004... just testing

this entry is just testing the new template, ignore it

Continue reading "just testing"
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April 06, 2004... Wow, another update

Hey, in the midst of looking for a summer job, if anyone knows of something art/technology related, let me know ASAP. THANKS. also updated (barely) btw Portia, your Zine Rocks. as do you.

Posted by Sean at 12:32 AM

December 16, 2003... DONE WITH FINALS!

Well im finaly done with finals, and now to break. i leave the 29th for the trip w/ brett. if you know anyone in Kansas City or Houstin, let me know.

Posted by Sean at 11:45 PM

December 11, 2003... Update

Well this is my second entry, im gonna make it pretty snappy, since as of yet, i havent told anyone this exits. Tomorow is my last day of classes. Sweet. And i got rand to reschedual the final, so tuesday, im sooooo out of here! now i just have to do deckers impossible takehome. grrr.


Posted by Sean at 11:25 PM

November 18, 2003... FIRST ENTRY!!

Wow, i finaly got movable type up!! welcome to the blogosphere!

A whole new way to procrastinate. Now back to that paper for 5 minutes.

Posted by Sean at 06:07 PM


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