July 19, 2005

Summer Movie Rundown

im bored at work, and so i thought id run down the movies ive seen this summer for no particular reason at all. batman meh. american psyco was better. war of the worlds good. except for the ending whcih was absoulty terrible. but not too schmatzy, and the suspence was really good. charlie and the chocolate factory boooo. i was hopeing it would be good, but not expecting it to be. jonny depp ruined it, as usual. he played the same weirdo as he does in all the other movies. the settings in the bigginging, before the factory were absoulty gorgious, but once they entered the factory, there was no way that it could compare to the orginal. the boatride was a nonevent. the ompa loompas were good, but the songs were not nearly as good. everything in the movie had this consitant atmosphere to it, except jonny depp. im sure it was no accident that he was out of phase with the rest of the world, but it just didnt work in this instance. the highlight so far has absoultly been me you and everyone we know. it was abosoluty wonderfull, best movie ive seen in years

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